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Scooter Oils

Scooter 2

A top quality, semi-synthetic, 2-stroke oil, designed to meet the needs of lower capacity, high revving engines. SCOOTER 2 provides optimum film strength, excellent anti-wear characteristics and an unparalleled degree of engine component protection or a semi-synthetic based formula. SCOOTER 2 is exceptionally clean burning and substantially reduces the need for maintenance on ports, power valves and exhausts. It provides all season reliabilty and is equally suitable for Premix or Injector use. Use engine manufacturers' mixture recommendations. Exceeds JASO FC & API TC. Product meets JASO M 345. JASO approval no. 044MOR001 FX.

Available in 1 litre

Scooter Sport 2i

Scooter Sport 2i is a proven, low smoke, fully synthetic lubricant developed directly from racing lubricants technology and is ideal for high revving, high performance engines. This high reliability formula provides maximum film strength for optimum protection and outstanding anti-wear, while virtually eliminating deposit formation in ports and exhausts. Excellent ring sealing properties maintain engine power and performance while ring sticking, plug fouling and pre-ignition become things of the past. SCOOTER SPORT 2i is ideal for use in all injector systems. Use engine manufacturers' recommendations up to 50:1.

Exceeds the JASO FC & API TC requirements. Product meets JASO M 345. JASO approval no. 044MOR001 FX.

Available in 1 litre

Scooter 4

An advanced SAE 10W-40 semi-synthetic engine lubricant developed from racing technology. SCOOTER 4 is recommended for all high performance 4-stroke scooter engines. High VI (Viscosity Index) and excellent shear stability give genuine stay-in-grade performance, even in high revving engines, while excellent anti-wear performance ensures optimum reliablity of both engine and gearbox components. SCOOTER 4 promotes outstanding cleanliness for efficient engine operation. SCOOTER 4 is also recommended for use in 2-stroke gear boxes where its anti-friction properties reduce wear and assist cold running performance.


Available in 1 litre