Great British oil for road and race

An excellent range of lubricants manufactured in the heart of England


Chain Lube

Semi-synthetic Chain Lube protects chains against wear and corrosion. Initially a thin free-flowing lubricant when sprayed, it penetrates into vital inner pins and bushes of the chain links, where it cushions against shock loading. Chain Lube quickly thickens to provide a non-fling coating and seals the chain, preventing the ingress of water and other contaminants. Recommended for both standard and 'O' ring chains.

Available in 400ml


An essential general purpose maintenance spray with a multitude of uses. MD4 can be used as a penetrating oil, for de-watering ignition systems and can be used for short term protection against corrosion. MD4 repels moisture, penetrates corroded threads, is an excellent throttle and clutch cable cleaner and even gives a sparkle to polished alloys.

Available in 400ml

Solvent Cleaner

A combination of powerful solvents for fast de-greasing of electrical and electronic circuitry leaving no residual film. Its quick drying action and vigorous penetration makes it ideal for cleaning plugs, points and other precision parts including suspension and engine components. It can also be used as a brake cleaner to remove dirt and grease from brake discs and drums.

Available in 400ml

Carb Cleaner

A selected blend of solvents designed to remove dirt, grime, lacquer and accumulated oily deposits from carburettors, fuel injector systems and automatic chokes, giving smoother operation and improving engine efficiency. Suitable for use on throttle linkages and can be used to restore tune to carburettors in-situ.

Available in 400ml


A lead free anti-seize assembly compound in aerosol form. PRISE is a fine copper powder in a bentonite grease case. It is ideal for use as a thread lubricant when assembling engines and other components to be subjected to high temperatures and where trouble free dismantling is essential. Ideal for use on manifold studs, cylinder bolts etc.

Available in 400ml

Prima (Silicon Spray)

Specially formulated to restore the colour and finish to both plastic and paintwork. Prima also helps prevent further adhesion of dirt and mud and dispels water. PRIMA hard surface conditioner restores that "brand new" look to faded plastics.

Available in 400ml


A high power, water washable non-caustic solvent degreaser which makes an emulsion of grease, grime and oil that can be rinsed away with water. PAVAN is safe to use on both aluminium and magnesium alloy engine and gearbox casings. Easy to use and fast acting, it is ideal for all heavy duty applications.

Available in 400ml