Great British oil for road and race

An excellent range of lubricants manufactured in the heart of England


MLR Foam Filter Cleaner

A non-caustic, water washable foam filter cleaner. Will not corrode metal parts and can be easily rinsed away in cold water. Highly recommended for cleaning foam filters on all off-road machines including motocross and grasstrack bikes.

Available in 5 litres


A ready-to-use water washable solvent degreaser. LYDIAN is non-caustic and can be used on metal parts without fear of corrosion. Recommended for cleaning assembles prior to overhaul and can be used to remove oil, grease and dirt from mera paintwork and concrete.

Available in 1, 5, 25 & 205 litres

Tabor OK

Tabor OK is a low odour, relatively high flash point hydrocarbon fluid that finds use in a variety of applications, e.g. as a process oil, degreasing medium and as a dielectric fluid for park erosion. It is also suitable as a replacement for chlorinated solvents in certain applications and may be used as a lower dour, higher flash point alternative to white spirit in applications where the evaporation rate is not critical.

Available in 25 litres

Barrier Cream

A smooth pink antiseptic cream for pre-work use. BARRIER CREAM reduces the possibility of infection and irritation and greatly assists the washing process. A powerful aid to health and hygiene in the workplace.

Available in 2.5kg


A biodegradable pH balanced hand cleanser incorporating natural solvents derived from citrus fruits.

Available in 3 and 10 litres


Hard surface all-purpose cleaner for removing stains from metals, plastic, tiled floors and painted walls. Non abrasive and non smear PRESTO is specially formulated so that once used it is easily rinsed away.

Available in 1, 25 & 205 litres


A powerful hot or cold cleaning agent for use in pressure washers. Can easily be rinsed away without leaving stains, smears or scum. The formulation contains a water softening agent that overcomes the serious problems of scaling in hard water systems.

Available in 1, 25 & 205 litres